Canon G7X Shooter’s Report Part I: It’s all about the zoom for Canon’s first large-sensor pocket camera


posted Friday, December 19, 2014 at 9:25 AM EST


When we published the first part of our Panasonic LX100 Shooter's Report last week, we pitted it head-to-head against the Canon G7X and Sony RX100 III, a duo of pants pocket-friendly, large-sensor enthusiast compact cameras for a real-world comparison. Truth be told, though, the latter two cameras are even closer rivals, sharing similar -- or perhaps even identical -- sensor designs, as well as closely-matched bodies in terms of size and feature set. Now, we return with the first part of our Canon G7X Shooter's Report, and it's exactly that rivalry which we aim to dissect.

Shooting head-to-head with the Canon G7X and Sony RX100 III makes for one seriously interesting comparison. There's no question that these cameras are aimed directly at each other, and on paper at least, there are more similarities than differences between the pair. Perhaps the most obvious difference in favor of the Canon G7X is to be found in its lens, which offers a double whammy of both significantly greater telephoto reach, and a brighter maximum aperture across much of the zoom range. For its part, the Sony RX100 III sports a clever popup electronic viewfinder that helps you get the shot under difficult ambient lighting conditions, and caters to a more traditional shooting style.


Go beyond the specs, though, and it becomes clear that there are quite a few more important differences between these cameras. But which is the better solution in the real world, and which camera should you be spending your hard-earned cash on this season? Read the first part of of Canon G7X Shooter's Report, and you'll find out which camera we think made for for the more attractive proposition when shooting in daylight thru to the end of sunset.

And watch this space, because the second part of the Shooter's Report -- looking at low-light shooting, video capture, and how the cameras work hand-in-hand with your smartphone -- is on the way shortly. In the meantime, hop on over to the first part of our Canon G7X Shooter's Report, and draw your own conclusions with side-by-side shots from our Sony RX100 III and Panasonic LX100 galleries!