Travel Gear: How to efficiently pack a lightweight rig for on-location shooting

by Gannon Burgett

posted Monday, January 5, 2015 at 2:05 PM EDT


One of the most difficult aspects of preparing for any on-location shoot is deciding what gear to pack and what to leave behind. Efficiency is key, but efficiency is defined differently for each of us and gear selection varies from one location to another.

In our differences though, it’s still nice to see what other creatives in the world are taking with them while out shooting. One such creative is Alex Cornell, who has put together a 14-minute behind the scenes video of the equipment he took with him to Iceland while filming Planet Iceland.

Set up mostly for video, Cornell’s equipment and methodology for packing gear easily translates to still imagery. His setup includes one carry-on case and bag, each of which serve their own purpose.

The first is Cornell’s 1520 Pelican case, which houses his two main camera bodies alongside three lenses. The second bag is an InCase DSLR Pro bag, which houses his 13” MacBook Pro, hard drives, a GoPro, batteries, memory cards and other accessories.

Cornell’s overview stands out as it isn’t so much about the individual gear as it is the mindset behind taking the gear. By determining the use of each piece of equipment and knowing how best to pack it, Cornell and his team can easily carry around the gear they need, ready to shoot at a moments notice.


Below is Planet Iceland, the short film captured using the gear Cornell went over.


You can keep up with Cornell and his work via Twitter and Vimeo.

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