Apple overtakes Nikon to become second most popular camera brand on Flickr

by Gannon Burgett

posted Monday, January 12, 2015 at 11:08 AM EST


Each year Flickr releases a detailed report of camera rankings amongst its 100 million users. This past weekend, Flickr shared its 2014 data with the world. And while most of it remains unchanged from previous years, there are a few standout mentions that show just how much the photography environment is changing.

Most often looked at each year is the rankings for the most used camera brand. Up until now, Canon and Nikon ruled the roost, coming in at number one and two, respectively. But in 2014 it was Apple, not Nikon, who came in a not-so-close second to Canon.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since in 2013, only 1.1% separated Nikon’s second place finish with Apple’s third. There are a handful of factors contributing to the rise of Apple through the ranks, but the most obvious one is the comparatively seamless integration between iOS and Flickr. Rather than offloading images from a card onto your computer and uploading them from there, Flickr’s iOS app makes it easier than ever to share each and every snapshot.

Specifically, Canon came out in first place at 13.4%, Apple slightly beat out Nikon at 9.6% and Nikon managed to pull in 9.3% of the user base. Samsung and Sony came in fourth and fifth place, with 5.6% and 4.2%, respectively.

In terms of how cameras performed in their respective categories, PetaPixel had a fantastic rundown. In it, they show that Canon’s 7D topped DSLRs, the Olympus E-M5 took the top mirrorless spot and the iPhone 5 was overwhelmingly the most used smartphone.

We still have 50 weeks to go in 2015, but a year from now, what cameras do you see standing out amongst their respective categories? Will Samsung start making more of a dent with their ever-improving line-up?

(via MacRumors)