Affordable Fuji X-A2 mirrorless camera shoots better selfies, sports an updated kit lens


posted Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 1:01 AM EDT


Fujifilm's X-series mirrorless camera line has a new entry-level model today, thanks to the debut of the Fuji X-A2. A followup to 2013's X-A1, the new model sports some very worthwhile upgrades.

Key among the changes is a new, more selfie-friendly two-stage LCD articulation mechanism on the rear of the camera. As before, the screen tilts a full 175 degrees, allowing shooting at a variety of angles such as from-the-hip. The change is that now, it tilts all the way up and can be extended upwards from the articulation mechanism a short distance, making it more visible from in front of the camera. That's perfect if you're a selfie shooter, which is likely true of many entry-level camera owners, interchangeable-lens or not.


There are also several new autofocus modes, including Eye Auto Focus, plus improved battery life, and Fuji's Classic Chrome film simulation. Fuji also updated the X-A2's new kit lens, a refined version of the earlier 16-50mm optic with improved image stabilization capability.

One final change of note is the price for the X-A2 kit: Despite the updated lens and new features, it's actually more affordable than ever before. List pricing for the Fuji X-A2 with Fujinon XC16-50mm II lens is set at US$550 in the US market, US$50 (8%) below list pricing of the prior model.

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