posted Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 2:00 AM EDT


Looking for an affordable Micro Four Thirds camera that can give you the image quality of higher-end Panasonic mirrorless models, yet cater to your selfie-loving side at the same time? If so, the just-launched Panasonic GF7 will be worth a look. With a consumer-friendly body, the Panasonic GF7 shares much with more expensive Panasonic compact system cameras, but lands at the same price point as the entry-level GF6 when it was introduced, making it quite an attractive offering.

Perhaps the most significant difference from that camera is a new body that's both smaller and significantly lighter, a difference achieved in part due to more generous use of plastic throughout. It's almost as small as that of the Panasonic GM5, but unlike that camera, retains a selfie-friendly tilting, touch-screen display. The Panasonic GF7 also features much the same imaging pipeline as the higher-end GX7 coupled to the shooting speed of the mid-range GM5, giving you access to good performance and image quality at a significantly more affordable price point.


The Panasonic GF7's suggested retail price is set at around US$600, and it arrives in the US market at the end of February or beginning of March in two body colors -- silver with black or pink leatherette wraps. Both will be sold in this market with a 12-32mm kit lens. In overseas markets, other colors will include brown and white variants, and other lenses may be included in the bundle.

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