Fujifilm’s releases interactive website that lets you test out X-mount lenses

by Gannon Burgett

posted Friday, January 30, 2015 at 1:28 PM EDT


Fujifilm has created an interactive website that lets you test out their entire range of X-mount lenses. By capturing the exact same scene across every lens in their line-up, they’ve built a unique lens simulation guide that lets you take a closer look at what each lens has to offer.

All of the photos were taken on a tripod-mounted Fujifilm X-T1. One by one, each lens was attached to the XT–1 and a photo was taken for their maximum aperture at each focal length – zoom lenses were divided up between 3–4 focal lengths.

The short video below further demonstrates how the images were captured.

Once the images were captured, they were put together in a structured database to give us this final, interactive result.

Reddit user Skalpaddan notes the images were captured from The Skeppsholmsbron Bridge in Stockholm, Sweden.

For those wondering, Canon, Nikon and Sony all have similar simulation websites. However, Sony’s appears to be the only other interactive website that uses actual images, over simulated focal lengths.

(via Reddit)