‘SHARE’: The art book designed to be ripped apart

by Gannon Burgett

posted Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 11:20 AM EDT


What is art if not shared with others? That is the thought-provoking question brought to life by a new book called SHARE.

Curated and published by Heroes & Pioneers, the idea behind the book is to not purely consume, but also share. That’s because the book is designed to allow you to rip out the individual, perforated pieces of art display them in your own home or give them to a friend.

Inside the book are 50 pieces of art, many of which are photographs, from young, unpublished creators from around the world. Presented in a two-page layout, each piece is prominently displayed with a short snippet of text from each respective artist, detailing the image shown.

The book is the first volume of what will likely become an ongoing series as a way to promote new, talented artists from around the globe. It features a hardcover design and is currently available for purchase for roughly $60 USD.

If you’d like to see the photographs in the book or find out the artists who have contributed, you can check out Heroes & Pioneers product page, here.