Camera Deals of the Day: $200 off new Nikon D7200, Price Drops on Canon 5D3 ($2499), 6D ($1399), 7D ($849) and more!


posted Monday, March 2, 2015 at 1:25 PM EDT


If you've been waiting to jump on the Canon train or to upgrade your current Canon DSLR, now's the time, as they have just announced big price drops on some of their most popular DSLRs. Both the Canon 5D Mark III and 6D bodies and kits have dropped in price, as has the older, yet powerful Canon 7D. Retailers are also adding extra discounts to make the deals even sweeter.

Also, this just in: While the Nikon D7200 was just announced last night, there is already a $200 instant rebate on pre-orders over at Adorama! Plus a bunch more savings one gear: Sigma lenses, Pentax 645Z (!) as well as Sony ILCs. Check out all the deals below: