Eyefi’s newest Mobi Pro SD card lets you sync RAW photos

by Gannon Burgett

posted Friday, March 13, 2015 at 7:58 AM EST


Eyefi has launched Mobi Pro, a 32GB WiFi SD card that adds incremental improvements over its earlier generations.

Self-proclaimed as ‘the most powerful wireless SD card ever’, the Mobi Pro sets itself apart from Eyefi’s lower-level Mobi cards by now allowing you to transfer RAW files to your desktop or mobile device, straight from your camera.

There is also a new selective transfer feature, which allows you to choose individual images to send to a connected device, rather than hogging up time by sending every image — an common hassle that plagued earlier Eyefi cards.

Lastly, Eyefi added advance networking capabilities, which lets you connect the card to a pre-existing wireless network instead of relying on the limited network created by the card.

You can pick up the $100 Mobi Pro from Eyefi’s online store and other online retailers. Each card you purchase comes with a free year of Eyefi Cloud, a tool for keeping your transferred images available and synchronized across all of your devices.