How to freeze motion with a flash

by Gannon Burgett

posted Friday, March 13, 2015 at 10:40 AM EST


AdoramaTV has released the latest educational video from Gavin Hoey. In it, Hoey breaks down the basics of freezing motion through the use of flash.

Hoey begins the video by illustrating why it’s more beneficial to use a flash — such as a speedlight or strobe — to freeze motion, rather than rely on existing light. After explaining the ‘why,’ Hoey gets into the how.

One stop at a time, Hoey details how different flash powers affect the freezing of motion, going from full power on his speed light all the way down to 1/64th power. Along the way he explains the benefits of each adjustment and eventually settles on the one that offers the most benefits with the least compromise.

The eleven minute video is aimed more for those just getting into high-speed photography, but there’s plenty to learn even if you’re a veteran — such as Hoey’s intriguing setup, which involves using a kiddie pool as a splash-guard of sorts.

To check out more, you can head on over to AdoramaTV’s YouTube channel.