Pentax K-S2 First Shots posted: Let the image quality comparisons begin


posted Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at 1:16 PM EST


Weather resistance? Check. Vari-angle LCD? Check. In-camera Wi-Fi? Check. Large sensor for a prosumer camera? Check. Price point below $800 with a new retractable kit lens? Check!

OK - so there's a lot to love on paper about the Pentax K-S2 released just a few weeks ago, and given its popularity on our site it seems that our readers are definitely taking notice of this "family-friendly" camera that still packs an enthusiast-grade spec sheet. So now it's time to take a peek under the hood.

We just received a production-grade sample unit this morning, and our lab has now cranked through our initial lab test First Shots. We use these primarily to compare side-by-side images across the available ISO spectrum in our world-renown Comparometer, where you can now compare the K-S2 to its cousins like the K-50, or to its storied uncle the K-3, or any camera we've ever tested for that matter. And by going to our K-S2 Lab Samples page you can view the images individually for reference and also access the associated RAW files, where captured.

To whet your appetite for making your own comparisons, below are a few side-by-side image crops from our Comparometer at ISO 3200, pitting the K-S2 against the slightly lower-priced 18mp Canon T5i as well as the slightly higher-priced 24mp Nikon D5500, and lastly the flagship APS-C camera from Pentax, the 24mp K3.

Pentax K-S2                     ISO 3200                        Canon T5i

Pentax K-S2                     ISO 3200                        Nikon D5500

Pentax K-S2                     ISO 3200                        Pentax K3

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