Lytro Desktop 4.2 update adds easy sharing and more editing tools

by Gannon Burgett

posted Friday, April 10, 2015 at 1:07 PM EST


Lytro has released version 4.2 of its proprietary photo management and editing application, Lytro Desktop. In it, they not only squash some bugs from the previous iteration, but also include a handful of new features.

The first new feature is an updated share function that lets you share interactive Lytro images via 500px, Facebook and, all through a few clicks in the desktop application.

A number of editing features were also added, including Tilt UI with Depth Assist, lens flare reduction, defringe option and an ‘Auto Tone’ button for one-touch adjusting.

Tilt UI is a new editing module for selecting areas of your images you would like to blur out to give your refocus able images a tilt-shift aesthetic. Using Lytro’s Depth Assist technology (the blue/orange, foreground/background feature) you can select just how much you want the image to be both tilted and rotated.

The new lens flare reduction model does exactly as it sounds – with a single checkbox, you can reduce flare, glare and other glass-based artifacts. The defringe tool enables you to better correct for chromatic aberration using a checkbox/slider duo.

Beyond new editing tools and sharing options, Lytro has also improved the workflow slightly, reorganizing the adjustment panel for a more intuitive progression as you edit your images. The update also adds flash data to the Info panel, to see what your external lighting setup consisted of.

Lytro Desktop 4.2 is available as a free download today. Head over to Lytro’s website to download it for Windows and OSX.