Join Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Brian Smith - Alpharetta, GA Best Buy, Thursday PM (IR Guys too!)

by Dave Etchells

posted Monday, April 13, 2015 at 8:43 PM EST

How often do you get a chance to hear tips on location photography from a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer? If you live within driving distance of the Best Buy store in Alpharetta, Georgia, this coming Thursday night at 7pm is your chance!

We don't normally post news about strictly local events, but when we learned that Pulitzer Prize winner and Sony Artisan of Imagery Brian Smith would be speaking at our own local Best Buy store, we decided to make an exception.

Besides a chance to hear from a truly world-class photographer known (among many other things) for his superlative location portraits, we also thought "why not also make it an opportunity meet up with some of our readers?"

Several of us from IR will be attending on Thursday (myself and editors Dave Pardue and William Brawley), so if you decide to come out to see and hear from Brian, look for us in the crowd. (I'm writing this from the road, so don't have pics of the three of us handy, but someone from the office will post them up here tomorrow, so you'll be able to recognize us in the crowd.)

Here are the details on the time and place and a bit on what Brian will be speaking about from Sony, sponsor of the event:

Location Portrait Photography:
Thursday April 16th, 2015 7:00pm
Best Buy-Alpharetta
975 North Point Dr. Alpharetta, GA 30022

Great location portraits capture both personality and place. Miami Pulitzer Prize-winning portrait photographer Brian Smith has spent the past 30 years photographing noteworthy and notorious celebrities in the locations where they live, work and play. Learn how he approaches location shoots whether it’s a large production with a huge crew or a small bare-bones shoot. Whether working photographing a famous celebrity or approaching strangers he encounters on the street when he travels, he'll share his tips on selecting the best location so that the environment adds visual interest to your photographs. He’ll discuss his favorite gear for location portrait photography and show you how see and create light.

And here are a pair of Brian's photos from the Sony press release for the event. You can see a whole lot more of his work at, with his location portrait work in particular featured here

French DJ and producer David Guetta.


OK, I know who this person is; that's Brian's wife. He calls her "the most beautiful woman I ever laid eyes on." Unfortunately, as far as we know, she won't be at Best Buy Thursday night, so you'll have to make do with Brian himself and a few scruffy IR guys ;-)

So how about it? Are you in? If think you'll attend, leave a note in the comments below, and we'll look for you there!