Huawei P8 smartphone features ‘world’s first’ four-color RGBW sensor, ‘industry-leading’’ OIS system

by Gannon Burgett

posted Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 5:08 PM EDT



Today, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei announced the Huawei P8, its latest flagship phone. In presenting the new smartphone Huawei laid out the groundwork of the camera within it, claiming it features ‘the world’s first 13-megapixel four-color RGBW sensor.’

This new sensor is said to increase brightness in images by 32% in high-contrast situations and decrease color noise by 78% in low-light. But what this means is you will see brighter whites and deeper blacks in the resulting images.

To make better use of the data from sensor, a new ‘DSLR-level’ dedicated image processor is included in the phone. It’s said to reduce noise, particularly in low-light, and optimize results in high-contrast scenes.

In addition to the improved sensor and processor, the P8 features an optical image stabilization system that is said to compensate for vibrations twice as much as the iPhone 6 Plus’s, with 1.2-degrees of compensation over the iPhone 6 Plus’s 0.6-degrees.

Huawei smartphones aren’t exactly huge sellers outside of the Chinese market, but the technology is impressive in a smartphone and will likely be replicated by other manufacturers. It’s also worth noting Huawei isn’t the first to develop an RGBW sensor. Sony has had one in development since 2012. According to Ars Technica, it appears as though this is the Sony sensor previously mentioned, not a Huawei sensor.

(via Image Sensors World)