VSCO releases Film Pack 00, a free pack to test drive their presets

by Gannon Burgett

posted Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 1:06 PM EST



Visual Supply Co., more affectionately referred to as VSCO, has released a new teaser preset pack to entice would-be users who aren’t 100% sure about dropping the investment on one (or more) of their widely used preset packs.

It’s called VSCO Film Pack 00 and it contains two of VSCO’s most popular presets: Kodak Gold from its Archetype Films Collection and Tri-X from the Alternative Process Collection.

The idea is that through handing out their most popular color and monochrome presets for free, users will be able to get a feel for the aesthetic and better understand just how the VSCO preset workflow happens.

Below are a few images from VSCO showing photographs processed with the presets from Film Pack 00.

Image by Chris Schoonover / Kodak TRI-X
Image by Brett Carlson / Kodak TRI-X
Image by Jay Kim / Kodak Gold 100
Kodak Gold 100
Kodak Gold 100

To get your hands on the free pack, you can head on over to VSCO’s store.

Image credits: Photographs provided by VSCO, captured by their respective artists