Adobe publishes 60 video tutorials to YouTube for Lightroom 6/CC users

by Gannon Burgett

posted Monday, April 27, 2015 at 2:12 PM EDT


With the new releases from Adobe this past week, there is a lot to catch up on. New features, better ways to go about your workflow and more. It can be overwhelming to jump in to, especially if you aren’t coming straight from Lightroom 5 or Adobe Camera Raw 8.

No need to worry though, Adobe has your back. Over the weekend, they posted five dozen videos on their YouTube channel giving walkthroughs, tips and tutorials to get through anything and everything Lightroom 6/CC and Adobe Camera Raw 9 can through at you.

The videos range in length, depending on the feature being shown or topic discussed, but you can pick and choose to learn at your own pace and catch up when you have the time. We would share all of them, but you’d have to scroll an eternity to get to the bottom of this article. Instead, here are three videos walking through just a handful of the new features in Lightroom 6/CC.

Check out the entire collection of videos on Adobe’s YouTube channel.

(via Canon Watch)