Canon G7X Shooter’s Report Part II: The enthusiast compact head-to-head continues after sunset


posted Thursday, May 7, 2015 at 3:05 PM EST


Looking for a pocket-friendly camera that offers an enthusiast-friendly 1"-type sensor and generous zoom reach? The Canon G7X matches the sensor size of the popular Sony RX100 III while besting it for telephoto reach and maximum aperture -- and all in a body that's barely any larger than that of the Sony. And while its sensor is still a fair bit smaller than that in the competing Panasonic LX100, the Canon G7X is significantly smaller than its jacket-pocket rival, able to slip into a pants pocket until you need it.

On paper at least, Canon looks to have hit the sweet spot, but how does the G7X compare to its nearest rivals in the real world? That was what I aimed to answer with part one of my Canon G7X Shooter's Report, and now I've continued the comparison after sunset with a side-by-side look at all three cameras' low-light shooting capabilities.

Want to know how these interesting enthusiast compacts fared, and whether the Canon G7X came out on top for low-light shooting? Read Part II of my Shooter's Report, and find out!