PixBuf helps you schedule when your photos get published on Flickr, 500px and more

by Gannon Burgett

posted Monday, May 11, 2015 at 3:39 PM EST


If you’re a constant user of social media, be it for personal or business reasons, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Buffer, a service designed to efficiently schedule and plan out content on a multitude of social networks.

Buffer is a wonderful resource, but the problem is it’s meant mostly for links and text posts, not photographs. Here to fill that gap is a new service called PixBuf. Based around a similar premise, PixBuf allows you to more easily post photographs to photo sharing and hosting services at designated timeframes.

Right now, PixBuf supports Facebook, Twitter, 500px and Flickr. Soon it will be adding support for Instagram, Behance, Pinterest, VSCO and Google Plus.

If you’re familiar with the Buffer workflow, PixBuf is hardly different. Simply upload your image(s) to their web app, select what services you want it published on and you’re good to go. PixBuf automatically parses through EXIF data to extract the data requested from each platform it’s shared on. Anything not present in the EXIF data can be added manually.

Just as with Buffer, you can opt for PixBuf’s pre-designated posting times or choose your own to best fit your needs.

Also coming soon to PixBuf is an analytics tool, which will allow you to see a comprehensive report of how your photographs are being viewed and shared across a number of networks.

Head over to PixBuf to sign up for an account.