Nikon J5 and S9900: We post test lab First Shots


posted Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 3:29 PM EST


We just posted a duo of Nikon First Shots fresh from our test lab. The first is from the J5, Nikon's latest 1-series camera and one that features a newly designed and higher resolution sensor than its predecessor of 2014, the J4. Anyone interested in discovering more about the latest image quality refinements from this line will surely want to super-scope our J5 First Shots, and also compare the J5 to its rivals side-by-side in our Comparometer.

Taking a quick glance at our Comparometer at ISO 1600 below against the predecessor J4, the J5 clearly exhibits greater detail in most areas of our test target, especially notable in the much clearer rendering of the horizontal lines within the Pure Brewed bottle lettering.

Nikon J4                            ISO 1600                               Nikon J5

Next up we post First Shots from the S9900, Nikon's latest 30x pocket "Travel Zoom" model. A very popular class of cameras in general, The S9900 joins the SX710 from Canon as well as the ZS50 from Panasonic and the HX90V from Sony as the current 2015 crop of 30x Travel Zoom offerings.

Shown below is the S9900 alongside the Canon SX710 for comparison at ISO 800, which is about the highest gain setting allowable for this sensor size before too much noise intervenes with general inage quality. The apparent size discrepancy is due to the difference in sensor resolution: 20.3mp for the SX710 vs 16mp for the S9900.

Canon SX710                           ISO 800                            Nikon S9900

Nikon J5 First ShotsNikon S9900 First ShotsComparometer