Pentax K-S2 Shooter’s Report Part I: An unexpected baptism by fire for Ricoh’s compact all-weather DSLR


posted Friday, May 15, 2015 at 3:58 PM EST


Want the smallest possible weather-sealed camera, but don't want to sacrifice an optical viewfinder or interchangeable lenses to get it? The 20-megapixel Pentax K-S2 looks to fit the bill very nicely.

The K-S2 is the smallest weather-sealed DSLR to date, and packs in great features including a glass pentaprism viewfinder and twin control dials. And it also marks quite a few firsts for Pentax brand-owner Ricoh, besides. There's in-camera Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity for seamless image transfer to your smartphone or tablet; a versatile side-mounted tilt/swivel LCD that helps with selfie capture or framing from awkward angles; and a brand-new retractable, weather-sealed 18-55mm kit lens. All that, and at a pricetag of just US$800 -- with lens!

Enroute to the bright lights of Nashville -- where I shot this eye-catching neon sign -- I happened upon firefighters battling a house blaze. Want to see how the Pentax K-S2 handled this unexpected subject? Find out in the first part of my Pentax K-S2 Shooter's Report!

Keen to see how the Pentax K-S2 performs in the real world, I recently took it along on a daytrip to nearby Nashville, Tennessee in search of some new and interesting subjects. I was in for a surprise, though, because enroute I stumbled on a subject that provided, quite literally, a baptism by fire for Ricoh's new mid-range shooter: Firefighters tackling a well-entrenched house fire near where I was shooting after a quick pitstop for lunch in the historic railroad town of Cookeville.


Want to see how the K-S2 handled this and many other subjects, and find out my thoughts on this affordable, ultra-compact all-weather DSLR? Read the first installment of my Pentax K-S2 Shooter's Report, and get the full story now!