B&H now offers free shipping to Canada for orders over $99

by Gannon Burgett

posted Monday, May 18, 2015 at 2:07 PM EST


Photography retailer B&H has announced it’s now offering free shipping to Canada on orders of $99 or more.

In line with its current free shipping offer, there is no need for an exclusive membership. Just select ‘B&H customs clearance’ and ‘Canada Free Shipping’ as your shipping method when going through checkout.

There are a few exceptions to this. First, B&H notes there are some products that don’t apply to this offer; these products are marked with Shipping Charges Apply.

As for the $99 minimum purchase price, B&H says the order total is calculated after all rebates and bundle discounts have been applied. Furthermore, Gift Cards, freight charges, duties, and taxes don’t discount towards the $99.

Screenshot of B&H's website with the top banner highlighting the new offer.

It might not be a revolutionary offer, but it’s sure to please B&H customers north of the border.

You can take advantage of this new offer now on at B&H. You can also check out B&H’s weekly deals for Canada.