Gentlemen, start your browsing: Panasonic G7 gallery shots fresh from the Indianapolis 500!


posted Monday, May 25, 2015 at 9:33 AM EST


Barely has the ink finished drying on the Panasonic G7 announcement last week, and my first round of real-world sample photos has just landed. And boy, did I ever have a subject that put this comprehensively-upgraded mirrorless camera to the test. During the weekend, I attended a press event at the Indianapolis 500, a motor race that's famed worldwide as the fastest venue in the Triple Crown of Motorsport!

And as a guest of Panasonic -- not just the company behind the Lumix G7, but also creator of the spectacular, high-definition LED video boards that surround the track, and sponsor of the Panasonic Pagoda which houses race control -- I got the VIP treatment. Alongside my friends from the photo press who've assembled in Indy, I've been shooting all over the circuit. I've even been behind the scenes in the team garages, thanks to my much-coveted pit lane pass.

I was fortunate to spend all weekend shooting with the just-launched Panasonic G7, seen at left in the photo above.

Saturday was Legends Day at Indy, giving motor racing fans an opportunity to see and hear vintage race cars on track and at speed, an altogether more satisfying experience than viewing them as oft-dusted museum exhibits. I've shot around 700 photos with the Panasonic G7, and I'm pleased to report that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It's a swift and confident shooter, and while my high-speed panning skills are a little rusty, the Panasonic G7 has already given me more than a few shots to choose from for a newly-framed addition to my office wall.

My panning skills are a bit rusty, but I've been getting great results from the G7, nevertheless!

Want to see my photos from the Indy 500? You can see a few of my favorites throughout this news article, but you'll find plenty more in the gallery. In all, I've selected 24 shots from my first day's action in the Panasonic G7 gallery, and all of them are available both as full-resolution JPEGs straight out of the camera, and in raw format as well.

Saturday was Legends Day at Indy, a chance for fans to see historic racing cars in their element.

Stay tuned for additional gallery shots, as well as my first G7 Shooter's Report for my thoughts on the new Panasonic G7!




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