Jay P. Morgan covers 8 questions to ask before estimating a photo shoot

by Gannon Burgett

posted Saturday, June 6, 2015 at 1:39 PM EST

As important as the shoot itself is its the agreement and estimation process that can make or break whether the shoot is worth your time. To help ensure you’re getting your piece of the metaphorical pie from any given photoshoot, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens has put together this helpful video, titled 8 Questions to Ask Before Estimating a Photo Shoot.

In the eight and a half minute video, Morgan breaks down eight different tips for asking your potential client questions before you ever drop an estimate on them. By doing so, you’re not only protecting them from over-spending, but ensuring that you won’t be spending more time than you had originally anticipated.

Below is the video and eight paraphrased question models Morgan highlights in the video:

  1. Ask interesting questions about the clients projects so they know you’re excited to work on it.
  2. The first person to set the price usually loses.
  3. Ask about usage of the final images.
  4. Who am I competing against?
  5. How did you find out about me and my work?
  6. Is there a particular image – or group of images - of mine that led you to reaching out to me?
  7. Ask about who everyone on your clients’ team is to better learn who you’re working with.
  8. Ask all the questions you can about what they’re looking for.


Jay P. Morgan has a complete video on estimations for sale on The Slanted Lens, if you’d like to dive into more details about curating appropriate estimates. You can head over to The Slanted Lens store to purchase it.