Canon G7X Review: This large-sensor enthusiast shooter has all the zoom you can fit in a pocket!


posted Saturday, July 4, 2015 at 7:34 PM EDT


What do you get if you take an enthusiast compact and turn the dial up to eleven on the zoom lens? The answer is the Canon G7X, a pocket-friendly camera that boasts a large 1"-type sensor like that in the Sony RX100-series, but with a bright 4.2x optical zoom lens that blows away the competition for both maximum aperture and focal range.

Since it has relatively few direct competitors -- essentially, the Sony RX100-series cameras just mentioned and perhaps the somewhat larger Panasonic LX100 -- I've been sure to shoot many side-by-side comparisons showing the G7X against its rivals. And having wrapped up the last of our Panasonic LX100 review a few days ago, I've now turned my attention to doing the same with the G7X.


Our detailed image quality comparison and print quality analysis sections have now been added to the in-depth Canon G7X review. And with the analysis done, the conclusion is also ready to help you decide whether it's time to reach for your wallet, or perhaps to start looking for other options.


Want to know how the Canon G7X compares to its rivals, and whether it merits our coveted Dave's Pick award? Hop on over to our just-completed Canon G7X review now for the full story! (And if you want to compare to its nearest rivals, be sure to look at our Sony RX100 III review and Panasonic LX100 review, as well!)