$240 of free stuff - Canon, Adobe, and KelbyOne team up for unusually generous package deal

by Gary Coyne

posted Friday, July 24, 2015 at 6:21 PM EST


Manufacturers always provide some software along with their cameras, but it's usually their own in-house products that are featured. One recent exception was Samsung bundling Adobe Lightroom with certain models, but that was back before Adobe's current Creative Cloud era.

Now Canon is packaging an unusually valuable combo of a year's subscription to Adobe's Photoshop CC, plus a year's free membership in KelbyOne Online Training when you purchase a Canon 7D II, Canon 5D III or Canon 6D, now through October 3, 2015. The combined value is almost US$240, a pretty rich package.

The three Canon models are enthusiast and pro-friendly DSLRs at three different price points to fit your budget. If you have been thinking of upgrading -- or perhaps making the jump from another brand -- this is a great opportunity. You get the gear, software to process your images, and training on how best to use both, for just the cost of the camera alone.

It would be interesting to know how photographers respond to this offer, but we're sure the three players involved will keep the numbers close to their respective vests. In any event, if you're considering buying any of the three cameras before the end of the year, it'd certainly make sense to move up your purchase. Here's the deal you need, to convince the Family Financial Officer that Christmas in July (or August or September) really does make sense :-)


With the Photoshop CC plan -- normally priced at around $120/year -- you always have the latest version of Adobe's Photoshop CC, Photoshop Lightroom CC and Bridge, as well as two gigabytes of Adobe Creative Cloud Storage. The year of KelbyOne offer -- also worth about $120/year -- provides many, many videos (albeit for select courses only), covering how to use the Photoshop and Lightroom software you're getting for free. You'll also have access to video tutorials specific to your new camera, and tips on how to take better photos in general.

Of course, both Adobe and KelbyOne are hoping that you'll like their offerings well enough to continue on as a subscriber indefinitely. Whether you do or not, though, getting a year of each for free strikes us as a pretty good deal.

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