Pentax K-S2 Review: Ricoh’s affordable, all-weather DSLR sports all the latest innovations


posted Friday, July 31, 2015 at 11:10 PM EDT


When we spoke to Ricoh about its nascent K-S DSLR lineup at the CP+ show earlier this year, the company told us that it was all about innovation. The all-weather Pentax K-S2 is true to its word, sporting all the latest must-have tech.

Features we've never seen before in a Pentax DSLR are to be found in the K-S2. There's a retractable kit-lens, a tilt/swivel screen, clever controls which rearrange themselves when shooting selfies... Ricoh has even foregone its Flucard Wi-Fi solution in favor of that 2015 must-have: In-camera Wi-Fi.


And although it doesn't have a direct predecessor in the company's lineup, the Pentax K-S2 also retains features we've been thrilled to find in earlier mid-range models from the company. There's an excellent glass pentaprism viewfinder, for example, along with twin control dials and the aforementioned weather sealing. (Yes, even the retracting kit lens and tilt/swivel LCD can be used in the rain!)

At a list price of just US$700 body-only, there's no question that you're getting a lot of camera for your money. The question we set out to answer in our review is whether the Pentax K-S2 could defeat not just its rivals, but the company's own spectacular Pentax K-3, a flagship enthusiast-grade model whose aggressive pricetag puts it head-to-head with its innovative sibling.


Which DSLR belongs in your camera bag, Pentaxians: Should you upgrade to the Pentax K-S2, or is the flagship Pentax K-3 still where it's at? Find out now in the just-published conclusion of our in-depth Pentax K-S2 review!


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