Canon fan with a Leica budget? Here’s your $7,500 golden camera!

by Gannon Burgett

posted Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 12:19 PM EST

What do you do when you have a $7,500 budget, a passion for photography, a love for gold, and a desire for a custom-designed pendant of your favorite camera setup?

Well, if you’re Jay, owner of 1st Impression Studio, you reach out to Ben Baller and James Her of IF & Co., a family-operated jewelry studio based out of Los Angeles to create a one-of-a-kind pendant decked out with quite a bit of bling. Specifically, you end up with an incredibly detailed pendant of a Canon 5D Mark III and 24mm Canon L series lens made of 14K gold and featuring 34 hand-set diamonds.

‘Jay reached out to us to design and create something that has to do with his biggest passion; photography’ James Her of IF & Co. shared with us in an email. ‘I learned his weapon of choice was always the Canon 5D Mark III [and] noticed he was absolutely in love with his 24mm Canon L-series lens.’

With those details noted, Her and Baller were on their way to creating a unique piece of jewelry with the $7,500 budget Jay had set in place. What they ended up with was the wax mold, shown below, which was the starting point of the final product:


Once given the go-ahead, the IF & Co. team got to work and ended up with this beauty, weighing in at 65 grams (100g with the chain) and containing a little under 1.2 carats of VS grade diamonds:




Photo credits: Images by IF & Co., used with permission.