Sony A7R II First Shots: How does the high-res monster perform as the ISO climbs?


posted Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 8:04 PM EST


After Mike Tomkins had spent some time with the new Sony A7R II out in the real world, we received our review sample of the A7R II earlier today and sent it straight down into our lab for testing. We've now published our standard First Shots set of lab test images from this higher-resolution, higher-ISO-shooting full-frame camera.

Upping the resolution from 36MP to 42MP, the new A7R II also bests its predecessor in high ISO sensitivity, with a maximum expanded ISO of 102,400 -- the A7R topped-out at ISO 25,600 natively, or ISO 51,200 with multi-frame NR. The increased higher ISO performance is thanks to the new back-illuminated Exmor R full-frame CMOS sensor design -- a world first. Other image quality improving features include Sony's 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization and a redesigned shutter mechanism that Sony claims produces 50 percent less vibration compared to the A7R, which helps combat shutter induced blur. You can also have a completely silent shooting mode with the all-electronic shutter without any shutter vibration at all! 

Below are a few 1:1 crops of straight-from-camera JPEGs at base ISO and 12,800 comparing the new Sony A7R II against its predecessor. For all of our A7R II First Shots, head over to the A7R II Samples Page to download both full-resolution straight-from-camera JPEGs and RAW files for your analysis. Be sure to check out the Comparometer, as well, and match-up the A7R II against other competing cameras, such as the Canon 5DS R, Nikon D810 as well as any other camera we've tested.

Base ISO: Sony A7R II (left) vs Sony A7R (right)
ISO 12,800: Sony A7R II (left) vs Sony A7R (right)


Sony A7R II First Shots

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