New patent from Olympus details interesting dual-stage image stabilization

by Gannon Burgett

posted Friday, August 21, 2015 at 12:31 PM EDT

A new patent from Olympus details the technical makings of a dual-stage image stabilization mechanism that intelligently uses both in-lens and in-camera stabilization to compensate for unwanted shake.

The patent, originally filed in January of 2014, is vague in its wording, but from our interpretation, details an interesting ability to switching between multiple image stabilization modes depending on whether the lens attached to the camera has built-in image stabilization.

Specifically, it appears as though this new dual-stage image stabilization will work in two different ways, depending on the lens attached to the camera.

If an image stabilized lens is attached to the camera, the patent notes that the in-camera stabilization will be restricted to move on only one axis as a means to both improve upon and speed-up the image stabilization capabilities of the lens.

When a lens without image stabilization is attached to the camera, the patent says the in-camera stabilization will be free to move on multiple axes to more effectively correct unwanted movement.

Panasonic’s GX8 was the world’s first camera with a Dual-IS system, and although we could take queues on how its system works and apply it to Olympus’ new patent, it appears the two function slightly differently.

If any of our readers can better translate the text from the original documentation, feel free to give us more insight in the comments.

(via Egami)