Wi-Fi worries? These silver-infused undies will guard your gonads from electromagnetic radiation

by Gannon Burgett

posted Saturday, August 22, 2015 at 1:18 PM EST

In terms of your nether regions, do you use protection? No, not that type of protection. We’re talking about protection from electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Although the jury is still out on just how bad EMR is on your body, especially your private parts, there is a market ripe with opportunity for companies to protect those who would rather be safe than sorry in terms of keeping your baby-making parts out of harms way.

Enter Wireless Armor, the world’s first EMR-shielded underwear that are said to protect fertility, particularly in males, by blocking out EMR frequencies given off by WiFi, 3G, and 4G spectrums.

Over a year ago, Wireless Armour underwear were put up on IndieGoGo in hopes of crowdfunding their existence. Now, the underwear are up for sale to the public.

Deemed ‘underpants for superheroes’ by Sir Richard Branson, Wireless Armour underwear is said to block up to 99.97% of EMR by using a fabric called RadioText, a combination of cotton and silver. The key ingredient here is the silver threads, which, because of its highly conductive properties, creates a shield to protect you from unwanted EMR.

Most everyone now deals with WiFi and wireless frequencies, but photographers in particular are becoming more prone to EMR as more and more cameras, especially pocket-able cameras, are adding wireless functionality. Many photographers also use wireless triggers, such as PocketWizards, which also put out a fair bit of EMR.

Even if it’s not EMR you’re worried about, silver is also a highly antimicrobial material, which should help keep you as hygienic as possible, even after an 8 hour wedding shoot.

You can pick up your own pair of Wireless Armour underwear for between £24 to £35 (roughly US$37 to US$55) on Wireless Armour’s online shop.