Canon patent shows off motorized adapter that will turn any EF lens into a tilt-shift lens for M-series cameras

by Gannon Burgett

posted Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 10:22 AM EST

According to a new patent, Canon is working on a new tilt-shift adapter for its M-series cameras that would work with every lens in Canon’s vast EF lineup.

The patent, originally filed in February of 2015, details the design for a ‘smart’ adapter of sorts that uses an internal CPU to adjust the adapter depending on the camera and lens being used.

Rather than relying on optics to adjust the image, the adapter will internal motors to adjust the tilt and shift axes. These axes can be controlled either in-camera, presumably utilizing touch-screen capabilities) or on the adapter itself.

One of the more innovative features thought of is a built-in tripod mount on the adapter itself. In comparison to any of Canon’s M-series cameras, even the lightest of EF lenses weigh more than an M-series body.

By placing a tripod mount on the adapter itself, it will enable users who tripod-mount their camera to save the wear-and-tear on the internal motors by having the lighter camera move along the axes, rather than the heavier lenses, which would need a great deal more torque to move than 13oz camera body.

Canon said it’s looking to step up its mirrorless game in the coming year, so this could very well be just one piece of evidence that it’s not just blowing smoke. Then again, this is only a patent, so there’s no guarantee this is ever going to come to fruition.

(via PhotographyBay)