AGREE, a new service that takes the hassle out of contracts and payments for photographers

by Gannon Burgett

posted Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 12:16 PM EDT

Shoot & Share, the team that brought gallery and print fulfillment service PASS to life, has announced its newest project, AGREE, a service that strives to make the process of contracts and payments as simple as can be for wedding, portrait and event photographers.

It’s safe to say the goal of any freelance photographer is to spend as little time as possible worrying about paperwork and the business side of things. It’s better to be out shooting, capturing images and making money than trying to make custom contract templates and worrying about what payment methods your clients are going to use.

AGREE is hoping to further simplify your workflow by almost entirely automating the legal and payment process.

As the introduction video below highlights, AGREE lets you easily create branded contracts using customizable mix-and-match components, depending on what a specific wedding or portrait shoot requires. Once you’ve chosen the necessary components for the contract, you set the pricing and send it to the client.

Once sent, you will be kept up to date on when the contract has been viewed, when it’s been signed and when the payment has been sent.

Payments can be made in various plans and in almost any form, be it cash, check or credit, making it a more versatile option than Square or PayPal, which are limited to credit cards or a linked bank account.

Considering both PASS and AGREE are made by Shoot & Share, the design across the apps and services are identical, making it not only intuitive for us photographers, but also the clients, who are often the ones who suffer more from poor interfaces and convoluted services that only make it more difficult to make payments and order prints.

As far as pricing goes, AGREE is free to use if you have no more than 3 contracts active at one time. If you plan on needing more than three contracts at any given time, you can opt for an annual subscription, billed monthly at $20 or annually at $240.

You can save some money, both now and down the road though, by becoming a ‘Founding Member’, which will lock you into a yearly rate of only $99 and extend your first year of use through the end of 2016, in addition to being the first to try out new features and updates.

Head on over to the AGREE site to find out more and take it for a spin.