DxO One Field Test Part I: This small wonder picks up where smartphones fall short (Bonus: First Shots & Image Quality Comparisons)


posted Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 9:00 AM EDT


When we were first told about the DxO One a few months ago our mouths dropped... a 1-inch sensored camera from the acclaimed software maker and testing company that plugs directly into your smartphone. And it was even reported to have a few new tricks up its sleeve as well, so we couldn't wait to get a full production sample unit in for testing and shooting in the real world.

We finally received one (er, "One") just a few weeks ago and have now had the chance to give it an initial run through its paces, both in our test lab First Shots and out in the real world. And we've also posted side-by-side image quality analysis with the DxO One against a few of its worthy competitors including the iPhone 6 and the RX100 IV among others, and the results were rather illuminating.

Most important of all, our man on the case William Brawley along with our very own Dave Etchells have taken the sleek and diminuitive DxO One out and about town for a real look at just how well it fares in our DxO One Field Test Part I. They've taken a close look at not only the One's handling but also how it performs in challenging low light conditions compared to a few noteworthy competitors. They've also taken a look at the new and promising "Super-Raw" mode.

Now dive in!

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