Firmware Friday: Updates for almost 50 cameras from Fujifilm, Samsung and Panasonic


posted Friday, September 4, 2015 at 7:32 PM EDT


Firmware Friday has gone truly epic this week, as we bring you what's probably the biggest roundup we've ever had! Admittedly, most of the updates aren't actually available yet -- they'll be shipping piecemeal through the end of the year -- but in total there are no less than a stupendous 46 cameras covered by these updates, of which firmware for nine models is already available.

We'll start with Samsung and Panasonic before we come to the bulk of the updates, though, because their updates are for just one model apiece. The Samsung NX1 has received an update to firmware version 1.40, with a lengthy list of changes as follows:

  • JPEG burst depth increased from 70 to 90 frames (~30% improvement)

  • Raw burst depth increased from 20 to 25 frames (25% improvement)

  • Digital image stabilization added for video capture (except at VGA resolution or with a 120 fps frame rate)

  • Autoexposure lock now available in Manual exposure mode if ISO sensitivity is set to Auto

  • Focus peaking can now be assigned through the button setting menu

  • Autofocus now works during zoom operation with the following lenses if lens firmware is updated: 16-50mm S, 50-150mm S, 16-50mm PZ, 18-55mm III, 12-24mm and 50-200mm III

  • Flash exposure info is now displayed in live view mode when flash is active

  • Battery display now shows both internal and external battery information when vertical grip is in use

  • Playback speed has been improved

  • Sound quality of external microphones has been improved when Auto MIC Control is disabled

  • Unspecified "minor bugs" have been fixed

Quite a list of changes, we think you'll agree! The burst depth, autofocus and AE lock tweaks in particular strike us as very useful to have. You can get the new Samsung NX1 version 1.40 firmware from the Downloads section on the company's website.

Moving on, we have an update for the Panasonic GH4. We actually mentioned this one a few days ago in our coverage of the company's new 25mm f/1.7 lens, but for those of you who watch out for our Firmware Friday articles, we wanted to call attention to it once more. This one is a rare paid update, so you'll have to decide whether the new features of the update are important for your workflow, and if so whether they merit a $100 upgrade cost. If you pay that fee, though, you'll get access to new V-Log and V-Log L picture style options that provide increased dynamic range performance for video capture. According to Panasonic, the V-Log and V-Log L Picture Styles are designed around a Cineon gamma curve and offer 12 stops of dynamic range (an increase from the camera's original 10 stops).

If you don't already own a GH4 and live in the European market, by the way, take note: You can also purchase a variant of the GH4 with this new firmware already active and one other important change. The Panasonic GH4R removes the 30-minute record time cap that's imposed on standard GH4 models in Europe for tax reasons. In the UK market at least, you'll pay about a £150 premium over the cost of the standard GH4, but if you're planning to buy the V-Log firmware update anyway, that update will cost you about £80, so really you're only paying another £60 to remove the clip length limit. It's worth considering, certainly!

To get the new V-Log firmware update, you'll need to visit Panasonic's website or talk to a Panasonic dealer in your local market. In the US market, ordering information can be found here or you can preorder from our affiliate, B&H. (If you do the latter you'll pay the same price, but you'll help support our site at the same time.) The update will be available from October 7th in the US market.

And finally, we come to Fujifilm, whose cameras make up the bulk of the models in this week's roundup. We've mentioned in a previous update that there was new firmware for the Fuji X-T10 that resolved an issue which prevented images being transferred to Windows 10 computers via USB. That update has now been extended to seven more cameras -- the Fuji X-E2, X-Pro1, X100T, X100S, X30, X20 and XQ2. You can download the updates at the links below, and no other changes are made in each update beyond the new Windows 10 compatibility:

As well as the eight models already updated, dozens more updates are on the way. The Fuji X-A2 is slated to receive its update by the end of September, and the remaining cameras by the end of the year. In all, the list of cameras with updates planned is as follows:

  • Fuji X-A2

  • Fuji X-E1

  • Fuji X-M1

  • Fuji X-A1

  • Fuji X100

  • Fuji X10

  • Fuji XQ1

  • Fuji XF1

  • Fuji X-S1

  • Fuji F1000EXR

  • Fuji F900EXR

  • Fuji F850EXR

  • Fuji F820EXR

  • Fuji F800EXR

  • Fuji F770EXR

  • Fuji F750EXR

  • Fuji F660EXR

  • Fuji F600EXR

  • Fuji F550EXR

  • Fuji F500EXR

  • Fuji F300EXR

  • Fuji F80EXR

  • Fuji HS50EXR

  • Fuji HS35EXR

  • Fuji HS30EXR

  • Fuji HS25EXR

  • Fuji HS20EXR

  • Fuji Z2000EXR

  • Fuji Z1100EXR

  • Fuji Z1000EXR

  • Fuji Z950EXR

  • Fuji Z900EXR

  • Fuji Z800EXR

  • Fuji Z700EXR

  • Fuji JZ500

  • Fuji JZ300

  • Fuji REAL 3D W3

​And that's it for this week! Check back next time for more news on the firmware front!

(Camera parts image courtesy of Kelly Hofer / Flickr; used under a Creative Commons CC-BY-2.0 license. Image has been modified from the original.)