Sony RX10 II Field Test: Night shooting at the biggest fireworks show in the Southeast


posted Friday, September 11, 2015 at 10:13 PM EDT


Recently, I posted my first field test of the Sony RX10 II, the successor to the camera which created the large-sensor, long-zoom market. At the time, I promised I'd be back with another update looking at low-light shooting (both high ISO and long-exposure), as well as at the RX10 II's Wi-Fi connectivity.

True to my word, I've just posted that update, and I had a pretty cool event at which to test those features. For the last few decades, my hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee has played host to Boomsday, the nation's largest Labor Day fireworks show (and the biggest 'works of all in the Southeast.) And this year, as it turned out, was to be Boomsday's swan song. It's simply grown too large and expensive for the revenue it brought to the town, and so it is no more.


Last weekend, I headed down to the last ever Boomsday with two goals in mind: Documenting one of my favorite Knoxville events for my own personal archive, and testing the Sony RX10 II's long-exposure, high ISO and Wi-Fi chops. Want to see how it did? Find out now in the second and final installment of my Sony RX10 II Field Test!


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