Sony RX100 IV Review: An ultra-portable but somewhat pricey powerhouse pocket camera


posted Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 6:13 PM EDT


Now on their fourth-generation model of the RX100 series, the recent, aptly-named Sony RX100 IV brought about a host of new high-performance features, including super-fast 16fps continuous burst shooting, super-high-res 4K Ultra HD video recording, plus the super-nifty High Frame Rate video mode for super-cool slo-mo videos. And yet despite all these souped-up features, the little RX100 IV remains just as pocketable as ever.

Now, after sending it up to Maine for some wilderness exploration; having it poked, prodded and analyzed it in our testing lab; and subjecting it to splashes, gunshots and golf swings, our Sony RX100 IV review is finally complete. We've now published our completed review conclusion on this latest Sony pocket-cam, along with full its Image Quality Comparison and exclusive Print Quality Analysis.

24mm equivalent (8.8mm), f/5.6, 8s, ISO 125

A quick teaser: the Sony RX100 IV is a fantastic camera. It's fast, has great performance and the image quality is on-par, if not slightly better, than its predecessor. Nothing's perfect, however, and there are some drawbacks and downsides, with one main one being its unfortunately high price tag. For all the details in our final verdict, head over to our Sony RX100 IV Conclusion. But if you're not ready to jump straight to the end, get things started with our detailed Overview, Technical Info and Walkaround coverage, as well as in-depth Field Test.

All in all, we really like the Sony RX100 IV, but is it the right premium pocketable camera for you? Read our Sony RX100 IV Review to find out.

24mm equivalent (8.8mm), f/2.8, 1/640s, ISO 125

Sony RX100 IV ReviewSony RX100 IV Conclusion

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