Introducing Reader Stories: Your chance to share your images, thoughts and stories with the rest of us!


posted Friday, October 30, 2015 at 6:06 PM EDT


Calling all photographers!

We're pleased to introduce a new column on IR called Reader Stories. We have so many great photographers who regularly read our site and participate in our Photo of the Day contest that we felt it was time you had the chance to share in the voice of our community.

Have you captured an image recently that you're particularly excited about? Or perhaps you've learned a new photography trick or found a new tool of the trade? (Or even an old trick that others may not know about.) Philosophical musings about photography? We want to hear from you! All you need to participate in our new Reader Stories column is to submit between 1 and 3 images (or even more is fine if you'd like), determined by the message you're trying to convey to our audience, and between 1 and 3 paragraphs (or more!) describing the image or any particulars about the shot you'd like to share with us and our readers.

Want to talk about the gear you used? The surroundings? Something about the image you're particularly happy with, or how you came to capture it? Why and how you developed a passion for that type of photography? All of these and more are fair game… The main thing is that we're looking for things that will encourage, inspire, and inform your fellow photographers. Something that will make them happy they read it. (This isn't the place for rants and complaints, and that goes for the comments as well. Constructive criticism is fine if delivered in a courteous, supportive manner; stop and ask yourself if your comment will make people glad they read it before you hit "send" :-)

Evolution by Roxanne Overton was one of the first reader submissions to be featured

Ready to submit? ...Great! Please resize your image(s) to 600px wide and email them with your write-up to [email protected]. You can type into the email directly or attach a .doc or a .rtf file. If you'd like to suggest the title, please do! Also, it's OK to include a link to your website or portfolio if you'd like, but that's not a requirement. It's likewise OK to include a photo of yourself; 150px wide will work the best for those, but again, they're not mandatory.

Due to the number of submissions we may receive at any given time, there's no guarantee that yours will be selected, but we'll do our absolute best to post as many worthy submissions as we can!

Want to read a few before you get your feet wet? No sweat! Just click here as we now have plenty for you to check out.

We look forward to hearing from you!

- Your friends at IR

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