Reader Story: Want to progress? Critique yourself! by Roxanne Overton

by Guest Contributor

posted Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 1:58 PM EDT


By IR Reader Roxanne Overton

I don't think anyone can do exceptional photography on a regular basis if they don't understand what they like - why they like it - why it activates something within them. I learned how to photograph through critique. I've written a book on it because there wasn't anything on the market that explained how to use it to accelerate photographic growth.


The Critique:

I like how the walkers are surrounded by land and sea with the sky absent. It subtly says they are grounded for the duration of their stay on earth - held in place by the sea. I also like how they fade from back to front - almost reaching focus before they fade again. I like the soft palette of colors - warm and cool - how the light graces their presence. The long exposure has rendered an ordinary beach scene into something else entirely.

Evolution by Roxanne Overton

What I learned:

Magic can happen when you let a shutter remain open a bit. So I do it often.
I love being surprised by the results.

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What do you think? Have you explored longer exposures and deliberate blurring? Will you give it a try, or does this style not appeal to you? Share your thoughs in the comments section below!

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