Canon G5X and G9X First Shots posted: We get the image quality comparisons rolling…!


posted Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 7:43 PM EDT


For several years, beginning in 2012, the Sony RX100 series of cameras reigned supreme in the high-end enthusiast compact camera market, until 2014 when both Canon with the G7X and Panasonic with the LX100 stepped into the fray, making for some interesting competition in that market segment. Now, Canon has recently unveiled two new players in the G5X listing for $799 and the smaller and lighter G9X listing for $499.

Both new Canon models have now been escorted through our test lab and received their First Shots, our Still Life images across the availible ISO spectrum. You can use these to inspect image quality at close range from our samples tabs [G5X / G9X] and also compare images side-by-side in our Comparometer.

Below are a few 1:1 comparisons at ISO 1600 to get you started. We've placed the new G-series cameras side-by-side against each other for starters, and then compared the G5X to the Sony RX100 III, as they sit at similar price points. We also compare the G9X to the RX100 II, also at similar price points, as well as the G9X to the Canon S120, for anyone looking at both models.


Canon G9X                          ISO 1600                          Canon G5X

 Canon G5X                          ISO 1600                         Sony RX100 III

 Canon G9X                          ISO 1600                          Sony RX100 II

Canon G9X                          ISO 1600                          Canon S120

Stay tuned for more to come on the Canon G5X and G9X! And in the meantime feel free to pixel peep images by using the links below. (And don't forget to use our "A vs B" pages to see specifications and additional comparisons side-by-side!)

Canon G5X Lab SamplesCanon G9X Lab Samples

ComparometerCanon G5X vs G9X