Australian photographer offers ten tips for better landscape photos


posted Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 6:35 AM EST


Australian photographer Leanne Cole has great tips and tricks in her 10 Tips for Better Landscape Photography article on Digital Photography School. 

Cole's first tip is to work the scene. What she means by this is that you shouldn't take a shot or two and then be on your way. Instead, you should study the scene and consider other possibilities. Take many images with different compositions.

Her third tip is that time of day is important. Consider your location and what time of the day produces the best light for your desired composition. As someone who lives quite far north, I have to get up very early to get the best light during the summer, but I can spend hours and hours shooting in the winter because the sun stays low. Also consider the location. Some locations are better at sunrise and others are better at sunset.

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Don't be afraid to look to other photographers for inspiration. Looking at the work of other photographers of all levels can help give you new ideas to apply to your own work. Figure out what you like best about your favorite images taken by other photographers and try to find ways to integrate those characteristics into your photos.

Not every landscape has to be massive and wide, says Cole. She recommends to bring a zoom or macro lens with you to give you more options out in the field. With that said, you don't need a lot of specialized gear to capture great landscape images. A camera, access to different focal lengths, and as sturdy of a tripod as you can afford are all you need.

To see the rest of Cole's fantastic tips, see her article

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