Breakthrough Photography blazes past Kickstarter goal with “world’s sharpest and most color neutral circular polarizer”


posted Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 3:39 PM EDT


Breakthrough Photography is ramping up their production of their new X3 circular polarizer (CPL) with a Kickstarter campaign. The San Francisco-based research and manufacturing startup claims that the X3 CPL is "the world's sharpest and most color neutral circular polarizer."

In addition to their Made-in-California "CrystalVision" circular polarizer film, the X3 filters feature SCHOTT B270 optical glass, a proprietary MRC16 coating to reduce reflections, nanotec Nano Coatings Technology to bead water, and weather-sealing with an all-brass metal frame. The company also provides a 25 year warranty and guarantee with the X3 CPL. These features combined given credence to the claim that the X3 the "World's sharpest CPL filter. Guaranteed."

Without (left) and with (right) the use of the X3 circular polarizer

Unsatisfied with off-the-shelf polarizing film, the folks at Breakthrough Photography set about designing and producing their own polarizing film much more suited for photographic applications. Dubbed "CrystalVision," the proprietary film is said to yield a much more neutral color cast in images compared to other polarizing films.

Transmission spectrum using scan speed of 1200 nm/min at 2.00nm resolution. Analyzed on a Hitachi U-4150. "A perfectly flat transmission curve would yield a perfectly color neutral result, and while there is no such thing as a perfectly neutral CPL filter (contrary to what other filter makers may claim) the X3 CPL is the most color neutral any CPL filter, guaranteed."

Available in 12 sizes, ranging from 39mm up to 105mm, the X3 CPL starts at $129 for the 39mm-62mm sizes and up to $199 for the 105mm size. However, by preordering through Kickstarter (quantities limited), you can save up to $50 off MSRP.


(Seen via The Digital Picture)