Attention Lightroom users: Adobe solves your import woes with new update


posted Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 3:43 PM EDT


For those of you who were upset with Adobe for simplifying their import interface in Lightroom 6.2, Adobe has released a new update today that brings back the old import interface.

While the new import dialog looked really nice and had a simple, clean appearance, users had been reporting many performance issues with the new import interface, including the application crashing and requiring users to restart the import process. In addition to this frustrating performance issue, the new import interface removed options such as “eject card after import." What looked simpler actually added steps to a photographer's workflow. 

Ultimately, when you change something that photographers use constantly, such as the import dialog, you can expect some backlash. When the change also makes the software perform worse and the company has to issue an apology, the situation is particularly bad.

The 'new' import dialog in Lightroom 6.2 took on a much simpler and cleaner appearance. However, cleaner isn't always better.

Well, the new import dialog is no more. The just-released Lightroom 6.3 update brings back the old import interface and presumably resolves the performance issues that had been plaguing Lightroom 6.2.

In addition to this welcome change, Lightroom 6.3 includes numerous other bug fixes and new lens profiles. The update also adds camera support for the Canon EOS M10, Canon PowerShot G5X, Canon PowerShot G9X, Fujifilm X-T1 IR, Leica SL (Typ 601), and Sony RX1R II. For the full list of updates, see here

What's old is new again. The old import dialog has made a welcome return.

For those of you who use Lightroom, let us know what you think about this update in the comments below.

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