Leica announces streamlined M Typ 262 digital rangefinder, an “entry-level” Leica M


posted Friday, November 20, 2015 at 11:08 AM EDT


Leica has announced today the Leica M (Typ 262) digital rangefinder camera, which they're calling 'M in its purest form.'

The Typ 262 is either a streamlined and focused version of the Leica Typ 240 or a lesser version depending on who you ask. The Typ 262 does not have the video, live view, or full menu system of the Typ 240, but the Typ 262 is around 100 grams lighter and has a quieter shutter than the Typ 240. The Leica red dot logo is also smaller on the new Typ 262.

The Typ 262 is lighter due in part to its top plate being made from aluminum. Its 'streamlined' and 'simplified' menu system is considered a feature as well. Removing video and live view should have reduced the number of available options, so accessing important settings should be quicker and easier than on the Typ 240. In that spirit, the Typ 262 has added a dedicated white balance button on the back of the camera. The Typ 262 uses the same 24-megapixel CMOS sensor as the Typ 240 and can capture images up to ISO 6400. The Typ 262 features Leica's Maestro processor.


Leica has focused on making the new Typ 262 a great still image camera. By removing video and live view features from the Typ 240, the Typ 262 is definitely designed to be much more akin to a classic Leica M camera.


The Leica M Typ 262 is now available for preorder with shipping beginning on November 25th. The Typ 262 retails for $5,195 in the US (for reference, the Typ 240 retails for just under $7000 USD).

If you'd like to buy the Typ 262, you should perhaps get some accessories from Leica's new '0.95' collection as well.

(Seen via Leica Rumors)