Looking to add flair to your photography? The Flare Adapter may be for you.


posted Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 10:56 AM EDT


For photographers who enjoy using lens flare to add a creative and artistic flair to your work, are you tired of lens manufacturers continuing to improve lens coatings and designs to reduce lens flare? Well, Technical Farm (link in Japanese) has just the product for you, the Flare Adapter, which they showed at Inter BEE 2015 in Japan.

The Flare Adapter is a clear plastic adapter that sits between your lens and your camera specifically to allow light to pass through and create flare on your images and videos. The amount of flare that is created can be controlled by blocking off a part of the flare adapter with tape, your fingers, or whatever works. The Flare Adapter also comes with colored LED lights for you to shine through the Flare Adapter to create different-colored flare.

You can see the Flare Adapter in action in the video from News Shooter below.

Additional information on the Flare Adapter can be found in this article from Matthew Allard at News Shooter

Technical Farm will sell the Flare Adapter in at least PL to E-mount, EF to E-mount, and EF to EF options for a yet to be determined price. Release information is also not yet available.

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