Sunsets happen in the city too!

by Guest Contributor

posted Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 6:48 AM EDT


By IR reader Roxanne Overton

Sunset of a Different Nature

The Critique

Strong vertical lines immediately draw my eye. Then I sense depth from the tree branches to the brightly reflected building. At that point my eye begins to explore in earnest. Lots of patterns - the verticals - the window rectangles and the warped patterns of the reflection. I like how isolated the reflection looks - it's as if its in a space a distance away - lonely and wanting to belong. Nice focus and colors. It's interesting with its combination of nature and hard surfaces.

What I had learned

Sunsets happen in the city too. As the light drops, I begin to look for reflected images that express the setting sun. Tall buildings hide its journey into night but they also celebrate the light as it gets low in the sky. I also like to include a touch of nature in shots of buildings - something to remind us that they sit on earth even though they seem to live in the air.

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