Reducing flicker in time-lapse videos using LR Timelapse plug-in


posted Monday, November 30, 2015 at 11:42 AM EDT


British camera operator/editor Cal Thomson has made a video tutorial on how to shoot and edit day-to-night time-lapse videos.

Thomson uses a DSLR, but the editing techniques that Thomson covers in the video will apply to time-lapse videos shot with most any camera. You'll also need a tripod and an intervalometer. Thomson puts his camera, a Canon 6D, into Aperture Priority mode and sets his white balance to automatic, as the scene's white balance will be changing over time.

Flicker, the noticeable change in frames as exposure times change when capturing images for a time-lapse, is difficult to avoid. However, the majority of Thomson's video tutorial covers how to alleviate the issue in Lightroom using both built-in tools and the LR Timelapse plug-in.

Thomson's first step in post-processing to import all of his RAW files and then use the LR Timelapse plug-in. As you can see in the video below, using the LR Timelapse plug-in makes the process much simpler than it otherwise would be.

To see more of Thomson's tutorials, including tutorials on Hyperlapse and night time-lapse videos, check out his YouTube channel here

(Seen via ISO 1200