Dream job alert! Get paid to photograph the National Parks across the US


posted Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 4:48 PM EDT


Do you want to be paid upwards of $100,000 USD to capture images of American National Parks for the National Park Service? Well, you're in luck, because there's a new job opening for exactly that. Just as Ansel Adams started doing in 1941, you can be paid a pretty penny to travel from Washington, D.C. around the country to various national parks.

The pay, which ranges from $63,722 to $99,296 USD, is nice and being able to travel (up to five to ten nights per month) is a dream for many photographers, so what's the catch? You have to be a US citizen and you have to be able to capture and develop large-format film photographs. In addition, you must be able to "develop photographic guidelines and standards" and "produce exhibition-quality work." You will also have to be able to make presentations about the collection to various groups. To see the full list of requirements, which are extensive, see the full job listing at USA Jobs

Oh, and there's only one vacancy for this position, so expect stiff competition!

While being paid to capture images at national parks sounds amazing, there is certainly much more to the job than just travelling and capturing images. Long hours and a lot of leg work will be involved with the position, so before updating your résumé and submitting your application, consider the full list of qualifications and requirements.

(Seen via Popular Photography