Uniquely you: Appreciate your own photographic style


posted Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 7:05 PM EDT


When you click the shutter and capture an image, it’s your image and hopefully it has your unique photographic style. According to British photographer Jack Alexander, you should learn to appreciate this and stop worrying about the photographic styles of others.

As Jack says, those in the creative industry are never happy with the work that they produce, “at least not for long.” In the never-ending pursuit to improve our work, it can be all too easy to compare our work to that of other photographers. With the advent of social media, we’re inundated with amazing images from many photographers all the time.


Olivia @imgmodels

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Rather than always look to others, “you should learn to love your photographic approach just the way it is.” It will take time to settle on your own photographic style, and it will always be evolving in one way or another as you try, and sometimes fail, with new ideas and approaches. Ultimately, through practice, your own style will develop. You’ll develop both a shooting style and an editing style that will combine to make your images uniquely yours.

It can be tricky to stick with your own style in the face of other photographers who produce work that you feel is better than yours or when you see how many more followers someone else has, but Alexander says that “you shouldn’t worry about having every shoot you do be bigger and better than the last.”


#TBT Probably the funnest shoot ever...

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Instead of trying to always make the best images, instead try to make images that are most uniquely your own. Shoot what you love and do it in your own style.

To see more of Jack Alexander’s work, visit his website and Instagram.

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