FUJI FANS: Got technical questions about Fujifilm’s X-series? We’ll ask them for you!


posted Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 4:38 PM EDT


Listen up, Fuji X-series fans. Our Publisher Dave Etchells has been invited to ask questions of a group of X-Series engineers in just a couple of days, and would like to share the fun! ;-)

If you have technical questions regarding Fuji's X-series cameras and/or lenses and would like us to take them straight to the source, this is your chance! Just scroll down to the comments section below, pen your questions, and Dave will add them to his queue! Time will be a little limited, so we can't guarantee that we'll be able to get to all the questions, but we'll try to focus first on the ones we think will be most interesting to the greatest number of people.

Generally speaking it doesn't do you or us any good to ask questions like: "When is the Fuji X-W1 coming out?" as companies simply don't give out answers like that, so we don't even bother asking them. But pretty much anything else is fair game, as long as it's phrased in a generally positive tone (eg, not "when are you guys going to stop screwing up so badly?") Also, while specifics won't be addressed, Fuji does often share some vision of the future via their roadmaps so the future isn't entirely a taboo subject.

Fujifilm's venerable X-series line of cameras and lenses.

Got any questions you'd like answered by their technical team?

So that's it, X-series fans. Pen your questions down below and we'll do what we can to get you answers soon!

To be considered, you must submit your questions no later than the end of day US Eastern time on Thursday the 14th!