Nikon J5 Review: A vastly improved Nikon 1-series camera


posted Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 4:31 PM EST


Slightly less than a year after releasing the Nikon J4, Nikon followed it up with the much-improved Nikon J5. Although the J4 itself featured a new design, Nikon redesigned their Nikon 1 J-series camera yet again with the J5 by placing a PASM mode dial on the top of the camera and improving the ergonomics.

The exterior is not the only thing that has changed with the J5, as it features an all-new 1"-type backside-illuminated 20.8-megapixel sensor and newer-generation EXPEED 5A processor. These new changes allow the J5 to produce better image quality across a larger range of ISO sensitivities all while providing an improved dynamic range.

297mm equivalent (110mm), f/5.6, 1/1000s, ISO 1600

We have just finished our full Nikon J5 review, complete with our image quality comparisonprint quality analysis, and our final verdict. The J5 brings with it numerous improvements, both externally and internally, and provides solid performance across the board. The sensor, processor, and camera body itself are all a big step up from the J4 and position the J5 well in the interchangeable lens compact camera market.

Where the J4 felt hampered and perhaps even too casual, the J5 feels more focused on providing great performance to all photographers, from beginners to enthusiasts alike. Should you consider adding a J5 to your bag, can it handle all of your photographic needs? Read our Nikon J5 review to find out!

119mm equivalent (44.2mm), f/7.1, 1/60s, ISO 160, fill flash
262mm equivalent (97.2mm), f/5.3, 1/250s, ISO 1000. This image has been modified slightly.

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